Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh how I miss my blogging peeps. I'm reading your blogs. I'm reading your tweets. And some of you, I'm keeping in touch with on facebook.

Life is busy.

My nephew of 7 months is still in the hospital. Born at only 23 weeks we hoped he would come home in September. Last month he had a tracheotomy and it would be a great Christmas if he could come home then. Medical bills have hit 1.5 million--it is so crazy.

My father had eye surgery late August which has restricted him from pretty much anything. He can't bend over, lift over 5 pounds, etc. Fortunately, the surgery has been successful and now the doctor wants to do the other eye.

School is going good for the little guy-straight A's! He's doing great in basketball, totally loving it.

Life is busy, but I'm loving it!


SJ said...

Yeah am blogging lot less too.

Wishing all the folks mentioned good health and a quick recovery.

Lady Prism said...

Oh, I'm praying everything settles down and that the little angel get well soon. Your dad too! Nice to be here again! :D

jennifer said...

I am praying that you nephew gets out of the hospital soon. I know those medical bills are daunting but the life of your nephew is priceless. I wish that I could do something to help. I WILL pray.

~ Tabitha ~ said...

Sending you ♥ and cupcakes,and prayers for your nephew.xo

Barbara aka Layla said...

Sorry to hear about your little nephew! I hope you and your young son have a wonderful Christmas!

Sober Steve said...

I'm blogging less than you, and miss it also, I'm just so busy with life its hard to find time. Hope you don't get that rain ice mix. I'll be in neck of the woods for X-mas. Stay in Schaumburg over the holiday. Take care

Peace hugs and kisses to you and yours

LZ Blogger said...

Haven't seen you around... I hope all is well with you and your little man? ~ jb///