Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quiet Again

The little guy just loves spending time with his grandparents. Once again he is spending the night at their house. The plan is to color eggs tomorrow night while we skip basketball practice. We have a play date scheduled early Friday and then he will be off to his dad's later in the evening for the weekend. Saturday is a basketball game, birthday party, and baseball practice. Easter will be held at my house, and I'll be anxiously awaiting his arrival in the early evening.


Sober Steve said...

I know how you feel, I get that way when I don't have my youngest for a few weeks. But when I start to feel lonely and isolate from that lonleyness I get busy, go for a walk, catch a meeting call a friend.

I find out that when I have weeks filled with work, travel meeting I am much happier, Before you know it, He will be in your arms Easter Sunday



Lucy Stern said...

I like the picture of the two of you....Have a Happy Easter too...