Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that have kept me from blogging.
  1. Work-although I had a few days off, it has been crazy.
  2. My birthday-we celebrated at a Japanese restaurant.
  3. The little man-making sure homework is done, practicing spelling words, knowing memory verse, and reading every night.
  4. Court-meeting with the attorney and the whole drama of it all puts me in another world.
  5. The ex-yep, trying to deal with him lately leads me to frustration.
  6. Twitter-I tweet a lot throughout the day. It is so much easier to do than blog.
  7. Time-there are not enough hours in the day.
  8. Google Reader-I subscribed to too many blogs.
  9. Stress-do I need to elaborate?
  10. TV-Yes, I'm addicted to several shows.
  11. "Me Time"-that's what keeps me sane.
  12. Laundry-it never ends!
  13. What to write about.


SJ said...

Well belated happy birthday wishes!

Art said...

I hope you had a great birthday!

Lee said...

Yeah, tell me about it. You did well to keep the list so short!

Sicilian said...

I hope your birthday was great!
I wished you'd write about Twitter . . . I'm not really getting the whole thing, but I hear it talked about all the time.

Sober Steve said...

Sounds like life and you are living it sober!!

Happy late B-day take care spring is right around the corner

Peace hugs and kisses

practicallyhealthy said...

I remember when my son was 7 years old. I loved it!! I love the way they need us for so much. Now he's almost 15 and he just doesn't need me like he used to ):

sincerelykate said...

i'm so sorry i missed your bday!!!!

Retro Girl said...

All 13 could be summed up by--
Living Life & being an awesome mama to that cute lil guy!!!