Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

13 things about this week:
  1. I started the week with a nice, clean car...the snow ruined that.
  2. The little guy and I made it through this whirlwind of a week.
  3. It has been the busiest week we have had in a long time.
  4. I feel bad because my little guy is struggling with a few of his spelling words for tomorrow's test.
  5. He's had stomach problems all week.
  6. Actually the problems started mid-December, but are now more apparent.
  7. I adore our physician. It is always a pleasure to see her when we're not feeling well.
  8. I wish my son could be home with me this weekend so I could monitor him, you know the way us moms do.
  9. Stressed about getting paperwork together for my attorney.
  10. My attorney rocks-in and out-no BS.
  11. Judged homecoming activities at school.
  12. Had some weird ass dreams.
  13. I have become obsessed with Twitter lately.


Sicilian said...

Fly Girl. . . . I feel bad for your little man. . . . I hope they figure it out so he can feel better soon.
Sorry about the lawyer stuff

If I haven't told you, I really like your Thursday 13. . . . it keeps your loyal readers up to date even if you don't get to post often.


Art said...

I went through a brief Twitter obsession last summer. It didn't last long. I got really bored with it. I keep trying all these different things - Facebook, Twitter etc. but nothing can completely replace blogging.

Anonymous said...

what a busy lady you are! hope your little boy feels better soon.

HLiza said...

Hope the little guy will recover soon. Unwell kids really turn our life upside down. I hope I won't start Twitter..I just can't get hooked to anything right now.

Lee said...

Busy Busy Busy!*

Have never done anything with Twitter. What is it that appeals?

Originally typed "Bust Bust Busy!" Oh, Sigmund!

Sober Steve said...

hey girl. Had my share of lawyer stuff. Good or bad lawyer it still sucks. in my old days I would be offended that mothers are better with sick kids, but the truth would hurt, as it usually does.

Take care of him, and of course yourself. If you are not healthy in all ways you will be no good to him.

peace hugs and kisses

Leigh said...

I hope little man feels better and does well on his test!
It sounds like a crazy week for you! I hope this one is better.

Twitter..I tried it and cannot get it. I guess I am slow. I am just now figuring out face book. Look for me if your on there.

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

idk why but I always forget to update twitter... I have been doing Facebook a lot lately. Its been really fun to connect with people from high school and college!!

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

oh and hope you feel better soon!

jennifer said...

I hope that he is feeling better soon. And I hope that y'all have recovered from your busy week. Take care!