Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tis the Season

In almost three weeks Christmas will be here.

We put up the tree on Friday and that cat of ours won't stay out of it! Mind you, he never even touched it last year! He broke two ornaments within the first twenty-four hours. Today he broke number three. About half of the ornaments are shatterproof, however I am tempted to purchase some more tomorrow for my own sanity. You can never have enough ornaments for a tree, plus they are on sale.

The Christmas shopping is about done. I know I will continue to buy the little man stuff when I am out and about, but for the most part he's set. My brother and I purchased a GPS for our parents so they are set. I have just a few gift cards to purchase and the little man still needs to get something for his father, then it will be wrap, wrap, and wrap!

The little guy's school is having a play in two weeks. All the first graders are angels. Luckily Granny sews and is off this week. She has agreed to make him a costume. He has been practicing his parts every night. It's too cute.

Sunday will be our annual visit to Macy's, once known as Marshall Field's on State, to see Santa. We couldn't do it this past weekend as the little guy was with his father. The little man loves going to Chicago...we're trying to agree on a restaurant...something different...I may have to use bribery.


RoadRunner said...

You should try "star of siam". Its become a tradition to eat there every time I visit Chicago. The food is good, and it doesn't break the bank to eat there.

Lee said...

I'm still in denial...

Sicilian said...

Fly Girl. . . I do love the traditions that you have established with your little man. I also find it "Very Big" of you to buy his dad a gift. I don't think I could be that nice.
Post lots of Chicago pictures.

SJ said...

First are angels it's as they grow up the effect wears off :)

Art said...

Oh don't you love the holiday season? Thankfully, most of my shopping is done too!

~ Tabitha ~ said...

You sound exhausted..lol
Hope you have some fun light
hearted times of the season with
all of your loved ones...which I wish I was one of because I would love a little GPS thing..even though I don't drive.lol


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Wonder what got into your kitty this year??? I thought for sure ours would have the whole tree over by now but he's been good.

Leigh said...

such fun filled memories!