Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that occurred this month.
  1. Basketball started for the little guy.
  2. Parent-teacher conferences.
  3. A field trip to a local farm at one of our national parks.
  4. The end of the Pop Warner football season.
  5. Homecoming events.
  6. Cleaning up of many leaves.
  7. Carving of pumpkins and roasting of pumpkin seeds.
  8. Flu shots for both me and the little man.
  9. An oil change that led to needing front brake pads that led to replacing the rotors.
  10. House sitting for the neighbor as well as taking care of their cat.
  11. Fall break from school.
  12. Being without my Blackberry since the port malfunctioned. All the loaners were out. I hope my new one arrives tomorrow!
  13. More downs than ups.


Art said...

It's been a busy month for you. I hope things are going well!

Sicilian said...

I am sorry about the rotors needing replacing. . . . I am terrible about knowing if what the repairman is telling me is true or not . . . .
Glad there are more ups. . . . always helps to end the month on a positive.

Lee said...

Hope the ups swamp the downs in November.

laily said...

It seems that you always had a long list to do, and I always wonder how do you cope with it. I got tired by just reading it.

wish I had your spirit

Leigh said...

I hope your bumpy road smooths out too! But you know what they say, what diens kill us makes us stronger. Ya gotta take the good with the bad.

Big HUgs,butterfly girl! I mean that! I am thinking about cha!

~ Tabitha ~ said...

Believe someone is being prepared to come into your life when the time is right Butterfly girl..I hear your exhaustion..try taking extra time out for yourself.
You are a beautiful human who has a lot to share with someone..believe he's just busy getting with his stressed life today - daydreaming about a girl just like you !

~ Tabitha ~ said...

by daydreaming..I mean in a good healthy way..not creepy stocker way!lol