Saturday, August 16, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Be prepared...for all my posts in the weeks to come will more than likely be football related because that is all that is happening in our lives right now.

Monday was the first practice with full gear. I was hoping it would go well because the previous Friday did not due to the little man's helmet feeling too tight on his head. He claimed it was hurting his brain, and we just couldn't have that happening. Needless to say, he got over that hurdle-thank goodness.

On to tackling. At first, I think he was afraid to make contact. It had to have been the sound. I'm sure the sound I was hearing from 5-7 year olds is nothing that goes on in high school, college, or even pro-football. Nonetheless, I noticed him being hesitant. However with each drill, his aggressiveness would increase. Good, another hurdle accomplished. But wait, how am I gonna handle it in a real game? I think I am going to need a hand to hold on to. Any takers?

The little guy didn't get his number of choice for his jersey and he was really upset. He wanted to be a wide receiver but he is quarterback. Yes, I need another hand to hold on to. Any more takers? He's not too upset with the QB position, but he did have a problem putting his hands so close to the center's, um, private area. Did I mention he has to call out plays? No I am not kidding. I Right, Tight Right, Pitch 38...I don't even know if that is the right way of saying it. Ok coaches, are you giving mom a copy of the playbook so we can study these? I'm sure the coaches thought I was crazy, but I was serious. They don't know how that little man's brain works. He will process those plays in his head over and over again. He will know their names. He will ask me questions that I won't be able to answer if I don't have a copy of that playbook. Yes, they are giving mom a copy-thank goodness.

Scrimmage next Saturday. Oh my.


SJ said...

Oh THAT football :)

Nice new profile pic.

butterflygirl said...

Thank you SJ!

Leigh said...


I feel ya and understand.

And added you to my blogroll.

Leigh said...

Oh, love the new profile pic