Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things we did in Chicago today.
  1. Rode the city bus-$5 unlimited pass for me and the little guy was free.
  2. Went to Lincoln Park Zoo-it's always free!
  3. Felt some raccoon fur-really soft.
  4. Touched a snake-it wasn't so bad.
  5. Relaxed in a shady spot-ate lunch brought from home.
  6. Rode the paddle boats-got my workout in.
  7. Went to Nike Town-just so the little guy could say he's been there.
  8. Went to the Lego Store-found a 50% off Star Wars Lego.
  9. Ate at ESPN Zone-that smokehouse burger was to die for.
  10. Spent $25 playing games at ESPN Zone-took an hour and a half to spend it all.
  11. Went to Millennium Park-quick visit because we needed to catch the train.
  12. Took almost 100 pictures-love the digital camera.
  13. Walked a total of 17301 steps-that should make up for that smokehouse burger.


SJ said...

I once touched a snake at a zoo too...thought it felt like belt :) :)

LZ Blogger said...

BFG ~ I love Chicago. Sounds like you and your little man had a GREAT time there! That "Smokehouse Burger" sounds like it would have been WORTH the 17,000 (plus) steps you walked to me! I liked everthing you did, well... except for that SNAKE thing! ~ Your post made me want to go back to Chicago again real soon! THX! ~ jb///

Sicilian said...

What a wonderful day. . . . it is my kind of day. . . not to much money. . . . lots of memories. . . and I love the list.

NWJR said...

That's about a week's worth of work for me!

Leigh said...

And you must explain the snake!