Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's Break Time

I'm not sure if I ever got my much needed tranquility, however spring break has arrived.
With the arrival of spring break has come the start of spring cleaning.
On Good Friday my wonderful parents came by and we revamped my bedroom closet. It looks totally awesome now. My dad is so creative.
Easter Monday it was time to hit the little man's room. I think he has more clothes than me. Probably not. I was able to get ride of those toys that just aren't needed anymore. Thank goodness.
Today I went to the casinos with co-workers. It was nice to be out of the work environment and have lunch together.
It won't be long until I am back to school, however it only means nine more weeks until summer vacation. Yes!


Java said...

9 more weeks until summer vac? wow, time is sure flying. hi there, long time no see! Popping in to say hi :-)
Happy Easter to you and your little man.

Art said...

s-p-r-i-n-g c-l-e-a-n-i-n-g??? what is this vile thing you apeak of??? :D

RoadRunner said...

Always good to have a break. Glad to see you posting again :-)

HLiza said...

Oh I wish I can be the lucky daughter! Can you mail your dad here?