Thursday, February 7, 2008

Still Burning

Yes, the fever is still here. Not as high, but still here. Last check at 4 AM was 101.

The little guy tested positive for the flu on Tuesday at the doctor's office. Had we gone in sooner, it could have been treated, but how did I know it was the flu? No vomiting, no diarrhea. Plus, his previous doctor would have recommended waiting another day or so before bringing him in.

She did mention that many children who received the flu mist vaccine (yes, we opted for the mist vs shot) have been coming in and testing positive for the flu as well. It could always be worse.

Thank goodness Walgreens has ibuprofen on sale-buy one get one free.


"The Rake" said...

Hope he gets well. soon.

The bug is strong out there this year.

RoadRunner said...

poor guy. Hope he is bouncing around in no time.

HLiza said...

Oh poor thing..wish he'll get well soon. I live by ibuprofen too..always make sure I have the stock.

Pato & Pearl said...

Get well soon little guy. A good hot chicken soup would do good for anyone who's down wif flu. ;)
Flygirl - you take care of yurself too ok!

Pearl & Pato

KT said...

oh the poor cutie pie. i hope he feels better real soon.