Monday, January 7, 2008

Back To the Real World

Ah, back to that what I should call it? Maybe more of back to the routine/schedule of life as a student and teacher.

As much as I dreaded today, it went quite well. We were out the door earlier than usual. How could this be possible? No arguments with getting up this morning. The little guy got dressed, brushed his teeth, and even combed his hair (the weather was warm today, so not hat was needed). Last night everything was packed and ready to go.

It sure didn't seem like it had been two weeks since I had last been to work. The kids were just the same. I realized that the semester ends next week, finals need to be completed, and meetings to be held.

Then I got a call from the little man's school. Seeing the number I kept thinking, he can't be sick. Out at recess he happened to bump heads with another child and acquired quite a knot on his head near the temple area. The school of course applied ice as it swelled up as well as changed colors. He told the nurse he didn't feel well so I went and picked him up.

I was scared to go inside...what would I see? Thank God it was a minor bump that had gone down since I received the original phone call. I gave him some Motrin and tried to continue to apply ice. He is not off balance and his eyes seem well.

He told me the story of how it all took place. Kind of cute how he told it actually. I'm just glad that it wasn't much worse.


Sicilian said...

Fly girl . . . I am so glad he seems to be ok. It has got to be hard to leave your class and get him.
It is hard being a single mom, but you do a great job.

KT said...

yes, going back to work sucks the big one. lol. c'est la vie.

glad to her that your cutie pie is okay.

Java said...

Phew, how scary!
Happy new year!

Gina said...

I'm so happy to hear it wasn't too bad. Poor little guy.

"The Rake" said...


Glad all is good.

Art said...

Scary when you get a call like that. I'm glad he wan't hurt badly!

Lee said...

Ha! He's a boy! That's what boys do.