Saturday, September 29, 2007

News Update

The day I do not bring my camera would be the day my little guy scores 5 goals, yes I said 5-AND-he scored 1 touchdown.

I'm all caught up with my TV watching from the week. Tomorrow is the season premier for Desperate Housewives as well as Brothers & Sisters. McDreamy was dreamy as ever. Ugly Betty made me upset. Why did Santos have to die? That's right, he is going to be on that new show, Shark.

The tooth fairy came by with $1 which the little man added to his piggy bank. When I asked him what he was going to do with all his money, his response was to go to the dollar store, however he then quickly changed his mind to Toys R Us.


Pato & Pearl said...

Oh I love Desperate Housewives!!!!...hehehe.
Have a good weekend girlfriend!


Kate said...

woohoo for your little boy!!!!!! way to go. he's so adorable.

"The Rake" said...

CSI Las Vegas. Whew-what a show and a season opener last week.

Our little girl is finally getting one of her front teeth back. She has been missing both since early in the summer.

Eduardo said...

Scored 6 times and no camera!!!

Your parenting card is about to get revoked.

jk. I am the worst. I don't even own a camera.

Art said...

Congrats on the scores. That is pretty impressive!

Gina said...

Oh I can't wait for the tooth fairy days. Those should be fun. Congratulations on the scores! Sorry about the camera. Sounds like me : )

LADY LUXIE said...

Wow!..He must be walking ten feet taller after scoring big time!....

Hee! hee! to the mama without camera.

Reminds me of the times when the kids were performing something grand and I'd find out I left the camera home or it's out of battery...or out if film..
('..those were the days!)....

I have a secret to tell you. I don't own a TV set....( and now I wish I do after you've mentioned all those shows)...not that I never owned one but you see, when the last set conked out two years ago we sort ov' never got around to owning one again. We got a computer each though and just watch DVD's. MAybe it's time to buy one again.

Thanks for always being in my bloggy' home...I Makes me feel like you just live a street away! :>

HAve a happy rest of the week!

LZ Blogger said...

Oh! Darn! I thought FOR SURE that "Your Little Man" would have said that he was going to buy a BLOCK of Berkshire~Hathaway Class "A" shares... boy now I am really depressed... ~ jb///

Trudging said...

Wow, five goals!

Java said...

Congrats on you little man's goal, I had the same, the day I didn't go to the match my friend sms-ed me and said "your boy just scored a goal".

We have all the same TV shows here too but not Shark, probably will come soon. We love GA, the last season ended with Burk and Christian not getting married, what happened next what happened next? LOL

Aaahh, the tooth fairy, in South Africa it was called the tooth mouse! ha ha, don't ask!