Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Survived the Action Packed Week.

I survived the action packed week. This week coming up will be somewhat laid back, however the week following will be a little insane.

The little guy has math homework every night. I just love that he is so excited to do it. Once again he stayed on green for the week. Tomorrow is the open house after service at the church. He has been telling me all the things that he is going to show me. I can't wait. Things continue to go well for me at school. I do miss that summer is over. My tan is just about gone.

Today was a soccer game and the little guy scored 3 goals...boy was he hustling! He starts practicing for flag football this week. Mondays are soccer and Wednesdays will be football. Games for both are on Saturdays. I just hope these two sports are over when basketball begins next month.

The loose tooth finally came out! I was awaken (or should it be awoken) at 2:30 Friday morning--amazingly, he didn't swallow it while he was sleeping. The tooth fairy brought him $5 for that first tooth. I'm sure I didn't get a total of $5 for all the teeth I lost when I was younger.


LZ Blogger said...

Five BUCKS? Your little man will be glad to do his math homework so he can figure out how much he'll make when he loses the other ones too! I hope the tooth fairy doesn't have to declare chapter 11 at that rate! ~ jb///

SJ said...

Maths and soccer - he's got both bases covered.

"The Rake" said...

Five BUCKS!! Don't tell Little one. She only gets two. I see you are developing an athelete.

Sicilian said...

Fly Girl. . . $5.00 what a generous tooth fairy at your house.
I think sports is a good way to use up energy as well as teach working together.
Good job Mom.
Love the blog change.

Art said...

Yep, even the ol' tooth fairy isn't immune to the disease of inflation;)

Tab said...

Five Bucks???!!!
Dearest Tooth Fairy,
I lost five teeth today,
They are neatly tucked under
my pillow.Please just leave
the stack of fives on my dresser.
Thank you,
Tabitha,The Cupcake Monkey.

Busy week for sure..I am poooped after just reading about yours nevermind mine!

zingtrial said...

Hi1 Looks like you have been busy.Losing baby teeth were a part and parcel of one's life - a symbol of growing up, and it is the tooth-fairy that makes this otherwise dreaded and painful process an exciting one - something to look forward to.He!He!He!.Wish you well

DayByDay4-2Day said...

could you imagine only getting a quarter these days the kids would think that they were ripped off.