Monday, August 6, 2007

Only Two Weeks Left

So it is finally starting to hit me...going back to work. Two weeks from toady I will be sitting at the annual back to school breakfast gathering. I know once I go back and get in the swing of things and the weather isn't as pleasant anymore I will be fine. However, right now the weather is hot and I am enjoying the water park way too much. I still have a house to get ready for a birthday party, games to finish for the party, and well any other back to school things I haven't done yet. The little guy is well set for clothes and shoes. I've gotten some new tops for myself. We register for school tomorrow as well as get haircuts.

So off I the water park...happy Monday!


FunkyMunky said...

Hope you had a great day at the water park.

Isn't time a funny thing? Two weeks can seem a long time when you're looking forward to something or have a fortnight's holiday (sorry I mean vacation - I'm English) booked. However, when you're dreading something, two weeks seems like no time at all!

All I can say is, make the most of the two weeks - enjoy it to the full!!!

Art said...

Have fun!

Kate said...

enjoy it while it lasts! i'd give anything to have two weeks right now.

Hann said...

That waterpark idea sounds totally cooool, he he.
I loved the going back to school times as a kid, the smell of stationary and crayons and new books. It's only now that I'm in uni that that first day was just so overwhelming, full on from the start.
Enjoy the last bit of summer.

Sober Chick said...

Well you sure know how to host a summer full of fun and excitement. Of course you will be feeling a little bummed out to leave it all. The birthday party will be the total conclusion of it all.

Lee said...

Enjoy slowly as possible.