Saturday, June 2, 2007

So Ready

As always, each day this past week has been crazy. It seems like everything intensifies at the end of the school year. Two more days to go; one with kids and one without. I am so ready.

My little guy starts summer camp on Monday. It's the same two week camp he participated in last year which integrates normal children with children who have disabilities.
We're all signed up for the summer programs at the library.
T-ball ends at the end of this month. I'm gonna miss it, as it has really been a fun-filled season.
Water park, here we come!


Sicilian said...

Fly girl. . . you are such an awesome mom.

Keep up the good work. I know that you are reaping rewards right now, however the future holds so many more.


lash505 said...

you got it going on.

Anonymous said...

that sounds like such a fun camp. i'd love to volunteer for one of those.

Velu Nair said...

Hope u have loads of fun!

Art said...

I hope he has fun. That's a great idea, integrating the children!

Trudging said...

We are doing the library programs too.

SJ said...

Check my latest post please :)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow, your guy starts early. I will sign your guestbook. I think I may get one as well.