Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My All

When I think about being a parent, I think about giving my all. Is there something wrong with someone when they can't give more than what is considered a guideline?

Maybe that is just me.
Maybe I was meant to be a parent.
Maybe I enjoy being a parent.
Maybe I am able to sacrifice in order to be a parent.
May I was just ready to be a parent.
Maybe I have "grown up" to be a parent.

All I know is that I could not imagine...

one day going by without speaking to my son,
an evening of not reading stories to him at night as well as tucking him in,
not picking him up from school/daycare,
not being able to take part in hearing about the excitement in his day, or
missing out on him participating in a sport he loves whether it be practice or a game.

The bare minimum. Is that all you have?


lash505 said...

Maybe you just have too. I know how you feel believe me.

Art said...

Your a great mom! Keep up the good work.

LZ Blogger said...

The most you can give is LOVE... that is also the least you need to give! Everything else will work itself out.
~ jb///

HLiza said...

We're in the same boat! The greatest achievement in my life is baing able to be a mom.. a good parent ( least I think I'm good!).

Sicilian said...

Fly girl. . . . I heard a person say one day that her adult daughter didn't talk to her. I teared up. . . went home and called my daughters. I told them that life would not be fun if they opted to not talk to me. They both said it would never happen. Can you imagine how horrible it would be if you did not talk to your child or if you did not talk to your parents. Can't even go there.

Sober Chick said...

I sort of understand this. I am not a parent, nor am I ready to be. When the time is right, I will love them as I love my dog and 4 cats, to me I try to be the best parent towards them.

My father is lifeless and left us a long time ago. I did not get it then, today I do. He is a sick man, and that is the only acceptance I can hang onto. He is not spiritually equipped to be a father. That is ok, it helps me to know what kind of father I do not want for my children in the future.

I adore your love for your son. I love coming here and learning what things are going on in your life. I love your gratitude towards having him in your life. It is very beautiful.

Hann said...

This is nice!
I love being parent too and don't mind the sacrifices I have to make for them.