Friday, January 19, 2007

Just Checking In

It has been so cold. Well, not really. It has just been a mild winter and we have been spoiled with some really nice weather up until a couple of weeks ago.

I was going to take my little man to the IMAX today to go see Night at the Museum, but he chose to go to McDonald's with his friend after school.

I totally went off my diet today...ouch!


Eduardo said...

I saw it. It was good!

Art said...

Same down here with the weather - it's finally in 40's now. Yuk!

We saw Night at the Museum. I expected to be bored but it's actually a very good movie and the kids loved it.

Hliza said...

Had bought the VCD but haven't watch it..I postponed it since the reviews say it's Ben Stiller's worst movie. Your son sure knows what he wants. He he..

Pato & Pearl said...

I love Ben Stiller's movie but I havent catch this one.....Oh well have to just wait for the DVD and c


Hannelie said...

My kids loved it too and we really want to see it, will wait until it's out for rentals. Saw Happy Feet though, and it was great.
LOL, I blew my diet today too, stuck to it for 9 weeks so I was allowed a little spoil ... KFC :( not good!
We'll be back on track again Monday ok!!

R2K said...

: )