Friday, December 1, 2006


Born into Catholicism, I always thought I was a "religious" person. My parents had the finances to send me to a parochial school, which was good for the morals, values, and religion part, however attending a public school was a huge transformation for me. I felt behind academically, socially I went from 25 students in my grade to 500, athletically, well, I felt like an underachiever. Don't get me wrong, I feel I earned a decent education, it's just that the resources weren't available to me in my setting at the parochial school.

I was very involved as a teen in the youth ministry programs. So involved, I was one of the leaders in the Diocese. My outlet in life was my "youth group". By the time I went to college though, most of us in the "youth group" began going our separate ways. I still went to church every Sunday, prayed every day, but that was about it. My spiritual relationship soon began fading away.

Fast forward to 2003. My life began falling apart. I am working in a new environment, surrounded by individuals who are connected to Christ. I was invited to go to a church, a non-denominational church, and I accepted the invitation. An invitation for which I will always be thankful. I became reborn that year. My spiritual re-connection with the Almighty has simply been breath-taking. My submission to the Lord has given me so many blessings over these last few years. Most importantly, having FAITH in God has healed me.

Why do I write this? As a reminder, it takes a great deal of faith to believe and know that what is asked for will be received.


Gangadhar said...

So glad to know about you,bg..

Layla said...

I am so glad you shared this - my own story is so similar. It's amazing to be able to let go and trust God and allow Him to heal us. It's a never ending process for me :)

Sue said...

So glad you have found your way and are finding happiness.

lash505 said...

I too was at catholic schools all my life. I even went to a catholic college. I was taught by Jesuit's and today I am starting to understand.

Eduardo said...

I was baptized and made first communion as a Catholic, but I don't think I ever believed.

Since becoming a believer, however, I seem to be making my way back to the Catholic church. Of course, I understand it much better now. Though there would have been a time I would have tried to talk any Christian away from Catholicism.

Sober Chick said...

How free to have discovered what you have, it is a blessing. Thank you for this post, it is an honor to know a little about your history of something so personal to you.