Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy Saturday

Saturday's Activities:

Breakfast with Santa-not only did I have breakfast with my son and Santa, but the ex as well. What a way to start my Saturday.

I then decided to run to Hobby Lobby, Toys R Us, Target, and Circuit City before my little guy's basketball game. He wanted to go with his dad for a bit and I surely didn't argue.

Basketball Game-pictures were in. Next week will be the final game for this 6 week session. It'll also be trophy day.

Birthday party at McDonald's-a fellow pre-school classmate had his birthday party smack dab in the middle of the afternoon at the Golden Arches. I remember having a party at McDonald's. There were not any play lands back then.

Run home, get everything together for a night at Granny's,and change for another party.

Day care Christmas party-the time when all the kids can run around...literally. I was able to work on some Christmas cards I'm making for the girls I meet with on Thursday nights.

Head over to granny's to spend the night. Sunday morning, Gramps took the little man to a train show.

At the age of five, this little guy has a booked calender.


Hannelie said...

Yes crickey, he does sounds booked out!! Breakfast with the ex sounds interesing, don't know how you can do it, I'll drown mine in his coffee cup if I had to do so. Good on ya for focussing on your little boy rahter than parent's differences. I admire you.
I read your other posts, I've missed a lot, hope you got the probs sorted out.I wish I could help.... :(

Sue said...

Yep, the kids have a much better social life than us grown-ups!

Sicilian said...

Fly girl. . . you are my hero. . . . how on earth can you sit across the table from the X. . . I'm with hannelie. . . couldn't do it. . . haven't spoke a paragraph to him in 4 years.

The Jackel said...

Too Much Work... Does Not Compute

sj said...

Busy young man. Busier mom. :)

Rex said...

I miss lots of thing now that my kids are grown...but busy holidays is not one of them....hang in there.