Friday, November 3, 2006


It's Friday night,
the 3rd day of the month November.
It is almost a full moon.
We rented 3 movies of which we have already watched 2 of them.
I have my freedom of my wireless modem-I'm in love,
however I am more in love with the new Honda CRV.
I'm all caught up on all my blog reading, I think.
Off to bed.

Happy Weekend!


Layla said...

I'm getting caught up on my blog reading too! I have a few movies to watch this weekend too - and a ton of houswork...yuk.

Have a great weekend!

SJ said...

Have a great weekend!

lash505 said...

ahh the wireless house. I just wish the batteries would last longer on laptops.

Arz000n said...

I love high speed internet conn I got installed just 4 days back...
I already have bunch of DVD ripped movies pullled down from some warez :P

am after TV series now....hehehe

Happy weekend!!!

Carly said...

Aren't simple pleasures wonderful?

Tab said...

Have a beautiful weekend alone with your laptop in the back seat of your new car...:P LOL kidding!

Mustang Girl said...

I am a diggin' the Honda CR-V also! They made it so much cuter! I am kinda researching little SUVs like that.

Cute blog you have here!!