Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Countdown to Christmas

Now that it is November 1st, it is time to start thinking about those Christmas gifts. I usually plan what I am going to buy ahead of time, however I usually don't shop until the last minute. My little man is definitely first on the list. I have to shop early for him, otherwise items will be picked over. Unfortunately, what he really wants is not in Santa's budget.

How do you plan for the holiday giving?



Sean Carter said...

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kate said...

I will let my kids come up with one big gift and then I buy them 7 small ones (kinda like what you would call stocking stuffers I guess). I am still not really feeling the spirit... maybe its weather! hehehe

Sue said...

This year we are having a bit of a cut-back so the thinking caps are on as to what present they "really" would like. It's all got a bit silly in the past and way over the top so we're pulling in the purse strings and hope we can make up for it with FUN!

Tab said...

We usually go over board.
This year we are down sizing
to be sure our kids never forget
the spirit of Christmas is about peace and togetherness in our home.
We still have a blast planning what we are still getting them though!I love giving...but I don't
sweat it that I can't always buy exactly what they want..the kids can work and save for the expensive stuff like computers etc.
I love finding unique and creative things they wouldn't think of but appreciate them..oh looky here at the lenght of this comment.heheheh
yeap.I love Christmas planning now that I just do not stress about it anymore at all.It is fun and thoughtful...hey just like YOU!!!
Come by my blog sometime Stranger
Thanks for sharing~

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I hear yaeh. My son asked me for a PS2. I told him... I'm not working....

Sober Chick said...

Whoa that is big. I know he will be grateful no matter what he gets.

Calabar Gal said...

Game Station - dont they all!! Every Christmas becomes more expensive - more hi tech too. (smile)