Monday, November 13, 2006

Blah, blah, blah

The weekend was very relaxing.
  • Being able to sleep 12 hours straight Friday night and 10 hours Saturday night was what my body needed.
  • My little man had an outstanding performance at his basketball game.
  • I did some rearranging, watched HSN and QVC, caught myself up with General Hospital, Oprah, and The View.
  • Started Christmas shopping, I never shop this early.
  • Now I need to get the house ready for turns out the gathering will take place at my home.


Hannelie said...

Oh true, every year I say I'll start sooner but I'd better get it done this year around.
Thanks for the Good wishes for my exam, all went goooood! :-)

Tab said...

Prep what you can the day before Thanksgiving Flygirl and look forwards to all you have to share.
Dinners like that are gifts for loved ones! As for the good nights sleeps...awesome.I need to get on track again with that after this long weekend.
Thanks for sharing:)

soberchick said...

Ohhhh are we invited :) Hehee, how exciting this time is.

Yay for the little man experiencing the joy of being a team player. He is a part of something, and that is so important.

Number Twelve said...

Right back atcha'... blah blah.

lash505 said...

lucky you on the sleep. My oldest one is having a problem even though he is one of the tallest. I have to work with him..

kate said...

so is that a good thing or bad thing that you will host Thanksgiving! I will be cooking for a crowd as well... and I am deciding if I think its good or bad! hehhehe actually I think it is good!