Sunday, October 8, 2006

8 Things About Me

Ganga tagged me last week when he decided to come back to blogging, so how could I refuse.

  1. I have the utmost faith in my God. Without Him I would not be where I am today.
  2. I have never taken an illegal narcotic. I swear. My students don't even believe me.
  3. I am at a point in my life where I feel the most confident. I never thought I could be me again after a divorce. Although i am not entirely the person i once was, I have gained my independence. I no longer will be manipulated.
  4. I have always lived in the Mid-West. My parents will keep me here. And so will my little man's father.
  5. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, both inherited. And I thought I was too young to have either health problem.
  6. I enjoy scrap-booking. I am now behind since school has started back up. I have my little man's birthday party, soccer and flag football to do.
  7. I love to eat. I am a total carbohydrate junkie. It is those comfort foods that help me out in those unfortunate moments. Let's not forget the sweets-cheesecake!!!
  8. I love my DVR. Otherwise, I couldn't stay up to date with my shows.

Although I know so much about all of you already, I tag Hannelie, Tab, Sicilian, Tiffanie, LUX, and Kate. Have fun!!



ganga said...

Thank you verymuch,bg for obliging..I'm honored!!
So sweetly done!!
I liked you being more confident and independent..Wishing you all success in your life..and blessings for the lil man..

take care,bg


kate said...

HOLY POOP>>> I HAVE BEEN TAGGED! This is my very first tagging! thanks! lol I will have at it later...

first though, I would like to know how you define illegal narcotic! lol pot, coke, any of that in there? I mean in that definition I dont want to pry into the deep darkness hehehe (which doesnt sound very dark! =])

Happy Monday!

Trudging said...


Hliza said...

We have the same love for sweet food and carbo junkie.. I used them as excuse for anything! Hey, I'm proud of you for being so much more confident and happy now. You've got a lot more in store for you gal.

Alcoholic Brain said...

Nice honest list. I enjoy your spirit!

Sober Chick said...

I remember seeing my Mom come into her own, claiming her independance. That time in my life marks something so remarkable.

I see you driving now rather than being the passenger, you are cruisin!

Diego said...

Keep on Keeping on my friend.....Best wishes....

Tab said...

okay..I will work on this one for the weekend while you are on vacation ..HAVE A GREAT TIME AWAY!

Lady Lux said...

yaaaaaah!..good thing I hopped over here...Okay..It would be fun to do this!!!

It'z me...LUXIE..

Hannelie said...

Ooohh, that's me that's me. Oki doki.