Thursday, September 21, 2006

My First Tag

Okay, Hilza got me a while ago and I am now posting. Who's next?

Three things that scare me...
  1. lightening
  2. guns
  3. heights

Three people who make me laugh...

  1. my son
  2. Jamie Foxx
  3. my students

Three things I hate...(hate is such a strong word)

  1. horror films
  2. dishonesty
  3. getting up in the morning

Three things I don't understand...

  1. life
  2. geometry
  3. my ex-husband

Three things I am doing right now...

  1. typing
  2. starving
  3. trying to think of these answers

Three things I want to do before I die...

  1. see my son grow up
  2. find true love
  3. travel

Three things I can do...

  1. be a single mom
  2. scrapbook
  3. be me

Three things to describe my personality...

  1. sincere
  2. optimistic
  3. warm-hearted

Three things I can't do...

  1. sew
  2. sing
  3. change a flat tire

Three things I think you should listen to....

  1. the bible
  2. your intuition
  3. your mother

Three things I would like to learn...

  1. playing an instrument
  2. salsa dancing
  3. sewing

Three favorite foods...

  1. anything Italian
  2. sweets-especially cheesecake
  3. french fries

Three beverages I drink regularly...

  1. water
  2. diet soda
  3. coffee

Three shows I watched as a kid...

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Flintstones
  3. The Muppet's

Three people I tag...

  1. Number Twelve
  2. Sue
  3. Tiffanie


Sue said...

Those are good answers - I will give them some consideration and hope to post over the weekend.

Have a great weekend!

Gangadhar said...

First time here via Hannelie..and i got a chance to know more about you becos of dis tag.. :)
nice blog here..


Trudging said...


Hliza said...

Hey, now I know more about you! I have a sweet tooth too, and I also love salsa dance.. but too shy to go and learn it!

Diego said...

Salsa...I can help with that...but you'll have to teach me how to behave in class.....

Hannelie said...

Hi Ganga! Visit again, I love Fly'girls blog and you will too!!
Hi Fly'girl, your tags are really well done, I agree with how can we ever understand ex husband's, it's as if they speak a different language all of a sudden. Argh!
I tried Salsal dancing lessons once, beware you'll end up with sore muscles in your hips and you have never realised there is muscles there. But it's great! Keep us posted.

Deepak Gopi said...

An autobiography in a nut shell.
You are very sincere.Your students are lucky to have a teacher like you.

Carly said...

Very cool!

sanjay jha said...

nameste from india,
and cheers.
happy blogging.

kate said...

I say go Salsa lessons!!!! That sounds like soooo much fun!

Noushad said...

hai friend,

nice things, anyway y didnt include about ur dreams??
Everyone have a dream about life,
can u reveal it??
Ur dreams can fulfill ur life.

Best of luck.

White Magpie said...

true love - isnt that an oxymoron? ;)

Irene Tuazon said...

I also can't sew, sing or change a flat tire to save my life. I think we might get along pretty well!

Cool blog! c",)