Thursday, August 17, 2006

Things To Do For The Party

*Update on Progress*
The roasts are in the crock pots cooking-tasting pretty good
The pasta is cooked. The vegetables are cut. Need to mix together with dressing tomorrow so that it can set-easy breezy
Sand pudding-will make tomorrow night-even put it in a sand bucket
Goodie bags, almost done-done

Things still yet to do...

1. Go to Costco to pick up:
A. rolls for the Italian beef-done

B. hot dog buns-done
C. candy for piƱata-done, got at Wal-Mart

2. Go to Party City to pick up:
A. eye patches & earrings
B. rings-done
C. pirate scarves
D. balloons-done
E. gold coins-done

3. Go to Wal-Mart to pick up:
A. fruit snacks-done
B. cups-done
C. silverware-done
D. black eyeliner
E. red material-done

4. Go to Dollar Store to get swords-went, they didn't have any

5. Make telescopes-finished after 1st update

6. Paint cannonballs-finished after 1st update

7. Send parents to Sam’s on Saturday on way to party to pick up:
A. cake
B. ice
C. veggie tray-picked up dip at Wal-Mart, had plenty of vegetables to make own tray

8. Tidy up

For now, this is all I can think of. I work better at the last minute. I am a total procrastinator. Tonight I had an event with Church; otherwise I could have accomplished more than half of the list.


Okay, so I am procrastinating some more.

I have some issues though. One being the store was all out of the pirate scarves and earrings. I'm going to run to a store of the same chain about fifteen miles west of me in the morning. I ended up cleaning the backyard, which was not on my list, yet there were some sticks and leaves that needed attention. Now the rain needs to stop. It is just a drizzle. My little man is hopeful as am I. For those attending be prepared for a wet lawn.

Update #2:
Worked on cannon balls, islands (forgot to put on my to do list) and telescopes while watching The View. 1:00 is now raining...really longer drizzling. If only I had a boat for the yard, then the kids could be in it like it was a ship. is showing the rain ending within the next few hours. Let's hope the yard dries out.


Sicilian said...

Fly girl. . . take lots of pictures. . . sounds like the place to be.


luxlucisvita said...

party???!!!...what party???!!!...hmmm...lemme' scroll down a bit...

luxlucisvita said...

a CHILDREN'S PAAARTY!!!...WHOOPEEE!!! Can I come???..pleeease!!!??...oh...this is going to be fun!!!...hugzzy' to your handsome son!...

Sue said...

Busy, busy, busy....

Sounds like everyone will have a great time!

Tiffanie said...

I can relate

Tab said...

this sounds like a HUGE production!!!!

Diego said...

Wish I could be there to help and have a great time.....D

Haight said...

I'm thinking my invitation was lost in the mail...then again, it's my first time visiting your blog...maybe next party :)

Bar Bar A said...

This is going to be SO FUN for the little man!!! I look forward to tons of pics!

Hliza said...

Oh this is sooo exciting! And looks like the food are good too!

jac said...

A party !!!

A yummy feeling.LOL

lash505 said...

Wow can you plan my party? You are organized.

Carly said...

Dang, this sounds FUN! Please share pics. Hope you get to enjoy yourself too...

DayByDay4-2Day said...

With list like that you will get it all done!