Friday, July 21, 2006

Running on Empty

My little man went to camp today-hooray! He is definitely 100% himself. Now I am the one who feels run-down. I truly appreciate everyone's caring thoughts while he was ill.

A part of me probably feels run down due to the fact that I took care of this little guy non-stop. Taking care of a sick child is so much more demanding. No one else to share the glory of holding him, rubbing his back, giving him the love he needed in order to feel better. Making sure I was giving him the Motrin at the right times. Keeping fluids in him. Watching cartoons in bed. (I couldn't pass up The Flinstones or The Jetson's. I even managed some Tom and Jerry.) Playing games in bed. Dealing with whining, blowing of the nose, and coughing up phlegm. Taking him to the doctor. It was time for me to just sit and relax. No complaints because this is all part of being a parent. As I take care of him now, there is going to be a time when he will need to take care of me.

The other part that is making me feel run down is probably due to PMS. Is that TMI? Sorry, just keeping it real.

Enjoy your weekend!



Tab said...

Yeah, we Mommies always take care of ourselves last..shouldn't have to be like that...we learn though don't we?
You sound tired.
PMS is for real ..educate yourself more about it if its really bad.
Other wise, grab the chips and soda and kick back and cry watching the Brady Bunch..LOL...sorry, that's me.
Take extra good care Butterfly girl..!

Bar Bar A said...

I just yelled at my son and he informed me that I had PMS. He was right.

Its a curse - you know why you feel down or bitchy, but you can't help it!

Sicilian said...

Fly girl. . . now it is you who needs the lecture. . . drink lots of fluid. . . eat healthy.. . . exercise. . . and REST.
Sometime single parenting is overwhelming isn't it. . .

Hliza said...

My cure for PMS is always chocolate!
A mummy's job will never finish as long as she's a mummy. Just think of the good things you've done and find something nice for you now. Go hang out with friends or go shopping!

Kuan Gung said...

Great news...thank you

Da Gal said...

so glad to hear that lil man is feeling better and that you hopefully will have some time and energy to take care of you now. You are a beautiful mom and doing such a wonderful job!