Monday, July 17, 2006

Manic Monday

Summer camp started today at our local Y for the pre-school age children. This year they received a grant and are mixing 10 students without disabilities with 10 students who have cerebral palsy for a two week "safari". Of course my little man began asking questions about why someone was there in a wheelchair or what certain equipment was in the room. When I picked him up three hours later he was with two girls who are in wheelchairs and smiling away at them. (Yes, he can be a flirt.) He even played basketball today in a wheelchair. He had so much fun.

Bearing the heat we also had t-ball practice followed by soccer camp. His last t-ball game will be on Saturday when they receive their trophies. So if anyone wants to come cheer him on...hint, hint, hint, you know who you people are, contact me for details. We won't be participating in any sports for the month of August-thank goodness! I need a break, plus that gives me some Saturday sleep-ins. Then we'll begin September with soccer and flag football. I hope he realizes there is no tackling. Soccer camp went really well. The coach from the local high school girls team is running it along with the girls who play.

All in all life is good.



Sicilian said...

Whewwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeee. . . busy busy. . . you know I think it is great to for kids to hang out with kids with medical problems or disablilities. . . we all cry. . . feel. . . hurt. . . and bleed the same color. He will be the better person for that interaction. . . I am sure you did a great job with all the questions.

Hannelie said...

My hubby's brother has CP, born with it, and is wheel chair bound, but he lives and works also like any normal person.
My kids argue who gets to go on the wheel chair first when he comes over for a visit, so now sometimes he leaves it in his car for my sanity's sake.

If I can get my jet filled on time with fuel, I'll sure come for T-ball....wish wish wish....LOL
Last week of school holidays here then my busy time starts again with kid's sport too.
Sometimes it's never ending isn't it.

kate said...

I think thats great! I actually had my kids go to a preschool where there were several disabled kids... there was extra staff so my children got plenty of attention, but they also were young enough to just go with the flow and not be scared of the differences. It worked out great! They have 2 friends with Downs Syndrome and really treat them as equals. They love the differences and do not fear them. They understand that the soul is the soul no matter what the covering looks like!


Hliza said...

Sounds like both of you are having lots of fun!

Andrea said...

I think that they have decided NOT to segregate the kids and put them together is GREAT...shows the kids without any disability that someone with one is just the same as them...and can probably do all they can do.....perhaps a hurdle here and there, but they are still ALL KIDS........very cool to see that happening


Sue said...

It's lovely to read that life is treating you well - it sounds like you and your little man are having such fun - I bet you're so looking forward to your Saturday morning sleep-ins!