Sunday, April 9, 2006

Review of the Past Week

I survived...

the week back to work,
a student in despair,
my son wanting to see his dad,
my cycle coming early,
an allergic reaction after tanning,
interuptions while blogging,
my little man dressed up as Captain Hook as he watched "Hook",
an Easter egg hunt,
a trip to see the Easter bunny,
playing memory,
cleaning up the laundry room, and
visiting with my parents.

Have a great week blogger buddies!


DayByDay4-2Day said...

is that all??

Da Gal said...

wow.. I need to rest after reading that list. :) I hope your week is full of blessings and happy smiles. :) there's two to start you off. Meg

Frema said...

Glad you survived!

Also, I tried commenting on this entry several times earlier but I couldn't get the box to pop up. Damn Blogger!

butterflygirl said...

That is all I wanted to remember...Blogger has definitely been acting up on me as well.

Sober Chick said...

Yup, had the same problem with it earlier. I guess blogger is not perfect like us either! LOL.

So what is on the agenda for this week? More adventures?

kate said...

I just found out(from a shrink) that boys want their Dads (or male figures) at about age 11. Up until now they were Mamas boys.

All you can do is what you can do. No matter what, you will probably feel it is not enough, but it is most likely more than he would have gotten if you were still with his Dad.

Know that all parents go through similar issues.

If you are happy... I really believe that your son will see and embrace that!! Good luck!! Kate