Monday, April 17, 2006

It's a New Week

My Easter was nice. I spent most of the day at church helping out in the children's ministry. After the kids gave their Passover offerings we went outside for a balloon launch. My little man and I ate at my parent's house. Before I knew it, it was time to head home.

I am in the process of trying to find a bike for my little man. It seems like everywhere we go, they do not have his size. I might have to break down and spend that $140 at the Trek store. I don't have a problem with that, but unfortuantely the saleman said that he may only get 1/2-1 year of use of the bike depending on how he grows. The way the weather is around here, it will probably only be 6 months of use. Of course, the next size up is too big for him. He looked like such a big boy in the store riding a "big" bike.

Well, it is the beginning of the week. I mailed my taxes today. FYI, they were done a month ago, I just hadn't mailed them yet. I also found some papers I signed that needed to be mailed back to my attorney-thank goodness. Next step is going in front of a judge who will decide how/when I will receive my "overdue" child support as well as if my attorney fees will be paid.

I haven't mentioned the support group I have been attending, have I? My therapist got together about eight of her clients who had similarities of issues in their lives. We range in ages 32-55. The times we have met have been phenomenal. The two hour sessions are often longer than intended. Amazing how it feels to be surrounded by such powerful, uplifting women who can relate to what you have gone through. The bond that has formed among us is truly overwhelming.

Take care and have a great week!


Da Gal said...

I am grateful to have met you too. You are a ray of light in my day and I love hearing from you and hearing about your stories.

What a wonderful group that you belong to. Do you have any stores like Play it Again Sam's in your area? They have stores like that that sell new and gently used sporting equipment like bikes and then you can trade them in when your lil man outgrows them.

Thanks for the encouragement today. Take care!

Frema said...

That sounds great. Maybe you could entice them into starting blogs? :)

Also, good luck with finding a bike for your son. What about getting him something he won't outgrow so quickly, like a scooter? They do still sell scooters, right? :)

SJ said...

Have a great week!

Tab said...

Sharing makes such a difference in our human existance doesn't it?
Your group, all of our blogs,we share and it helps.
Thanks for sharing~ you have your own bike?

butterflygirl said...

da gal-no Play it Again Sam's in my area-thanks for the suggestion!