Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is It the Weekend?

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on the template change. I hope to get to the links this weekend. I'm not all into the technical stuff.

Please go and check out
Sober Chick...she is definitely glad 2B alive. You go girl!

The weekend has just about arrived. Plans anyone? For me...
  1. Laundry
  2. Yardwork
  3. Soccer Game
  4. Visit with Number Twelve (without children)
  5. Scrapbook
  6. Watch my shows that I have DVR'd
  7. Trip to Costco
  8. Help my little man find a bug for school on Monday-thanks Tinkerbell


Lacey said...

I love your new template. Very Springy!

SJ said...

Yup it is...have a great weekend!!!

kate said...

it looks great here...

sounds like a nice weekend and much like mine! lol... BTW I love Costcos but ALWAYS spend way too much money there! They have the best hot dogs too!

cheers! Kate

and btw you are so kind... ty for all of your ongoing support!

Frema said...

Have a great weekend. Also, just so you know, I'm doing my best to click on an ad each time I visit!

Tab said...

You know Butterflygirl , if you keep doing laundry on the weekends, I may get concerned.
GO have some fun woman!!!!!LOL