Tuesday, March 14, 2006

ER Visit

Sorry Tab for leaving you hanging. I was so exhausted last night and had to get up for work in the morning that I just couldn't think to elaborate. In fact, I barely remember typing my post.

It all began after being home for about 30 minutes. I was upstairs getting some laundry together when I heard a great big thud. Of course, after that I heard crying. I looked over the railing in my loft and couldn't see where my little man was. Upset, I asked him what happened figuring he was doing his Spiderman moves. When he didn't answer I became a little more upset thinking I was right. When he told me I needed to come down I knew something was wrong.

I saw blood, yes, blood. Trying to maintain my calmness so I didn't freak out my little man, I grabbed some tissue to stop the bleeding. By this time it is on shirt and hand. He wants me to go get a band-aid.

I never had to get stitches before, so I really wasn't sure how deep the cut needed to be for that procedure, however looking at this cut I was thinking the answer might be a yes. I call Number Twelve so that I can hear from someone, "Yes, he is going to need stitches." She is gracious enough to swing by as she is on her way home. She then gives me the answer I really don't want to hear, but do want to hear.

We arrive at the hospital and the paramedic reassures me that yep, he might need stitches, but it definitely needs to be glued up. After sitting in a emergency waiting room for two hours we finally got called back to be seen by a doctor. My little man, my big boy, laid on the bed by himself as they cleaned his wound, glued it back together, and placed bandages on it. He continually asked the doctor what he was doing.

It is difficult to explain in writing what my little man was doing when this happened. I can tell you this, it didn't scare him enough. My mom caught him doing it again today.


Number Twelve said...

I'm SO glad I was able to swing by and give my "second opinion." That's what friends are for... glad it turned out OK.

Frema said...

So no stitches after all, huh? Glad to hear he's OK! I can't help but wonder, though, what he was doing to get the cut in the first place.

Tab said...

Ugh...little people are so busy being little they cannot see danger.Thats why Nature made us :)
Glad to hear it wasn't too serious.
Thanks for sharing,
I can sleep tonight now..lol

Lacey said...

Glad to hear he is okay. Kids don't understand how dangerous some of the things they do are sometimes.

Sambo V. said...

I'm so glad he's okay. Sounds like you handled everthing GREAT!!