Wednesday, February 8, 2006


My thoughts are with Frema's comment not spare any of the school stuff that went on yesterday. All I can say Frema my girl, is that there is never a dull moment in my day. There are days when I don't get my planning period, my lunch, or even a break to go potty.

I was observed by my supervisor today. Yes, observed. Although I have worked for the same district for six years, they classify me as semi-permanent status because I left for one year and came back. The good thing, or some might say, the bad thing about teaching special ed is that you never know how the students are going to act. My students know who my supervisor is, they know how to behave, and they of course knew she was going to be there today. And boy, were a few of them off the wall. One student told me he acted out because he opened the door for her and she didn't even say thank you. Well thank you I told him for acting the way he did while she was here. So, in otherwords, it went better than a normal day. I can't wait to see what she wrote.


Tab said...

You must have an interesting job!
Thanks for sharing

Number Twelve said...

I'm sure s/he'll have good things to say about our Butterflygirl.

Lacey said...

Kids normally act out when you are getting observed in my experience. The observer will more be looking at how you handled that. Sorry about the kid who acted out because they didn't get a thank you. Unfortunately, that's all it takes for some kids. Just explain to the child that them acting out didn't accomplish anything towards changing the behavior of the observer. I'm sure you get a great review!