Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Day From Hell

Wake up at 6:20 am--yes, I overslept.

Actually have time to stop and pick up coffee on the way to work.

Get to work, step out of my car, slip and fall on the sheet of ice spilling my coffee. Shit.

File an accident report when I get into the building. Bruised elbow and sore ass.

2nd hour: Students, at least ten to fifteen of them, from 6 different classes come down to have finals read aloud to them while I have a class of 22 students who need supervision. In the meantime another student is having a nervous breakdown. All the students are placed on hold and are getting pissed off that we are not tending to them. Get over it. Oh yeah, my colleague and I only got 1 of the 6 finals in advance to modify.

3rd hour: my plan, however trying to finish finals up from 2nd hour.

4th hour: I have a final to give to ten students. My colleague has a class of 20 students who need supervision. Students, at least ten to fifteen of them, come down from I think four different classes to have finals read to them. 1 final we had in advance, 1 final the teacher still did not have an answer key so how could we even modify it.

5th hour: Finishing up finals from 4th hour.

6th hour: Not as hectic, I think. I don't even remember. By this point in the day it doesn't really matter how many different tests I am trying to read and modify.

7th hour: Trying to figure out what happened today.

As bad as it was today, as stressful as it was today, as exhausting as it was today; my colleague and I were able to find some moments to bring us laughter.

Dinner Time: Drop the pizza I just cooked on the kitchen floor.


Brooke said...

hopefully tomorrow will be better for you... and me.

Sambo V. said...

The chaotic life of a teacher! Give yourself some props Butterflygirl and hang in there. Sounds like you're one busy woman. We send report cards home next week, and between that and the dentist, I've sorta been absent to the blogging world. Hope you feel better from your fall. Ice is so snakey!