Friday, January 20, 2006

Bring It On!!!

Record keeping at school today and NO students. Amazing how little gets done when you're busy trying to get work done. So, in the early afternoon I get a call from my little man's father. He says he has a favor to ask-if I could have my little man bring his boots since it is suppose to snow. Dumbass was all I could think. So I then decide to ask the the mother f***er if my little man could attend a party at Chuck E Cheese on Sunday from 12-2. He asks if he could have him back after the party and I comply, however he is not so keen on the idea of meeting me at Chuck E Cheese. I told him we could talk about it later. Asshole.

I go to pick my little man up at Tinkerbell's and tell him that I spoke to daddy and he said he could go to the party. My little man gets all excited and gives me a great big hug. Probably because the last time my little man was invited to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese the mother f***er wouldn't let him go.

The time comes to meet in our meeting place to exchange our child. Long story...please don't ask. As I get into my car to leave the mother f***er says,

"Do you still want him on Sunday?"

I'm thinking, didn't we already discuss this? So I reply,

"We already talked about this. Are you going to meet me at Chuck E Cheese?"

I think he said this to piss me off...

"I didn't agree to anything. I'm not driving all the way out to Chuck E Cheese. If you want him you come and get him." (He mentioned something about church.)

The latin blood in me is starting to boil. Chuck E Cheese is no more than five miles from his house.

He continues...

"I came to your house to get him."

In return I respond...

"Yes, and it wasn't even "your" time. I'm not driving down your street. I have never been happier not having to drive down that street."

I get in my car before I say anything else. For most of you, you can say, butterflygirl just go down the street. But you just don't understand. I have never been happier since I haven't had to drive down my old street and see:

  • my ex-babysitter's home/neighbor who deceited me, who still goes over there,
  • my old home, wait I'm sorry, the mother f***er's house that my father did a tremendous amount of work to,
  • and my ex-in-laws who never even supported me.

That is a memory "lane" I definitely do not want to revisit. My new "lane" is such a happier one to drive down.

The good thing is that I have great friends who already know what an idiot this man is and have made alternate arrangements for a party so that my little man can celebrate his friend's birthday.

One thing for sure. I have never felt stronger in my life. I thank God for the strength and I thank you mother f***er for the continuous push.

Bring it on!!! Super Bitch is ready to roll.


Frema said...

Wow! It sucks that you have to deal with this crap, but it sounds like you're doing great. How spiteful of him not to help his son get to a party he's so excited about.

Enjoy what I still hope will be a relaxing weekend for you. :)

Number Twelve said...

Oh, boy. There is so much I could write on this subject... what's it take for MF to let his son go to a damn Chuck E Cheese party?!

You sound strong, girl. Bring it on, indeed.